Novoclair® Speed - 250 g


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Novoclair® Speed cuts energy consumption and handling costs in white and rosé clarification. It also boosts yields to give you higher profits. Novoclair® Speed rapidly clarifies musts with high turbidity and pectin content. Faster clarification allows you to produce richer, fruitier wines.

Novoclair® Speed is a blend of pectinases, arabinases and hemicellulases. It allows high-speed sedimentation of solids. That improves mechanical treatments such as centrifugation and filtration. The end result is a 60% increase in the effectiveness of your clarification equipment. High-speed sedimentation also protects the fruity flavour of your wines.

Novoclair® Speed reduces volume of gross lees by nearly 50%. That means increased yields and higher profits for your business.

Typical doasage - 0.5-2.0 g / 100 kg



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