Pin Lock Cornelius Keg - Without Gaskets Replaced (Pin Lock)


Item #: 7849
Weight: 11LBS
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A great price on a cleaned, de-labelled and sanitized used pin lock keg. These kegs are pressure tested, so they are guaranteed to hold pressure when they arrive to you.  You can purchase the rebuild kit and replace the gaskets yourself (very easy job) and save some money. To totally rebuild the keg you should also consider a new relief valve and poppets (part number listed below). Kegs are sold "as is" and may have cosmetic defects.

The body connnects on a keg are the metal posts where the quick disconnects attach too. They should be removed for cleaning and sanitizing before each use. Kegs can come with either 11/16" body connects or 7/8" body connects. We sell deep sockets for the removal of either one. 

Kegs are approximately 9" Diam. x 22.25" Height. 25.25" Height with fittings. Measurements may vary slightly.

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