Monster Mill Crank Handle


Item #: 36744
Weight: 10LBS
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The Monster Crank Handle ensure you can brew completely without power. Especially for the brewer that wants to be more intimate with the grinding of their grist, and do a little work, rather than letting a drill motor have all the fun. 


The crank handle has an aluminum arm, and a brushed aluminum tapered handle that spins freely and is oh so smooth on your hands. They use top notch hardware to hold the whole assembly together, as well as provide a set screw to hold the handle securely on all of our standard 3/8" drive shafts. This handle fits all of Monster mills with standard 3/8 inch drive shafts, and is NOT available for mills with 1/2 inch shafts.


Please note that you may need to widen one flat on your mill driveshaft when using the crank handle. The flats are designed for a drill chuck, rather than the handle setscrew. This is easily accomplished using a good metal file with the drive roller held firmly in your bench vice.

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