BrewZilla All Grain Brewing System | Gen 3.1.1 | 65L/17.1G | Built-in pump | Wort chiller included | 220V


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Are you looking for an awesome, single vessel system to do 10-gallon batches?  The BrewZilla is the answer! Not brewing 10-gallon batches every brew day? No problem! The BrewZilla works just as well for 5-gallon batches, and with so much power, you'll get your temperatures up even faster. The BrewZilla features built-in elements for heating and boiling, programmable mash schedule and delayed start, a built-in pump for recirculation, an onboard water-resistant control panel for setting and monitoring temperatures, a removable grain basket, and a built-in spigot for transferring.

The V3.1.1 unit features an upgraded main circuit board that changes how the automatic step mashing functions. Now when moving from step to step, the timer for each step will not begin counting down until the programmed temperature is reached. This means more accurate mash schedules than ever before! The new board also introduces boil addition timers so you'll never miss the mark for hop additions.
To get the Wort Chiller Connection Kit for free, add the item to your cart along with the BrewZilla and use code ZILLAKIT at checkout.
New accessory! Check out the BrewZilla Whirlpool Arm, which uses the unit's internal pump to recirculate and spin the wort, improving hop extraction and chill times. No more stirring!
Automatic Step Mashing! 

One of the coolest features of the BrewZilla is the ability to program the unit with up to 6 individual temperatures and durations so you can step mash precisely how you desire. Simply press the "S1-S6" button to select the stage you want to adjust, and use the temp, time and +/- buttons to program the stage. If you have less than 6 stages in your mash schedule, program the stages you want to skip with 00:00 as the time and the controller will automatically move on to the next step. When all the stages are complete, the BrewZilla will sound an alarm and hold the last set temperature.

The programmable stages can also be used to set a delayed start of up to 23 hours in advance so that you can have your water hot and ready to go when you get home from work or wake up in the morning. In order to do this, fill the unit with strike water and program the controller with two steps. Step 1 should be programmed at a temperature lower than the unheated strike water (so the elements will remain off), and the duration should be programmed for however long you want the delay. Then program Step 2 with your desired strike water temperature and a duration of 1-2 hours, giving the BrewZilla ample time to heat up and giving you a margin of error in case you hit the snooze button the morning of brew day.

Recirculating Mash with Full Depth Malt Pipe
The built-in magnetic drive pump easily recirculates wort during the mash. We recommend getting some silicone tubing to go with the recirculation arm. This allows you more control over the recirculation and you can then use the pump to transfer your wort to your fermenter. As with any mash, be sure to stir your grain very thoroughly after mashing-in so you start out with an even temperature throughout the grain bed.

Some competing models advertise their perforated malt pipes as "high flow", but what they don't mention is how this affects efficiency. When recirculating the mash, wort will escape through the side perforations rather than passing through the grain at the bottom-most end of the malt pipe which can lead to lower efficiency. The BrewZilla's malt pipe is designed so that recirculating wort must pass through the entire grain bed before escaping through the false bottom and being pumped over the top of the grain bed again. If you're worried about the flow rate, simply add a pound or two of rice hulls to your grain bill. This is especially recommended when brewing with a high level of wheat, oat, or flaked grains. 

Power & Heating Control
Built-in magnetic drive pump to easily recirculate the wort during the mash. We recommend getting some silicone tubing to go with the recirculation arm. This allows you more control over the recirculation and you can then use the pump to transfer your wort to your fermenter. As with any mash, be sure to stir your grain very thoroughly after mashing-in so you start out with an even temperature throughout the grain bed.

This very capable 15amp brewery has over 3kw of power so you can get up to boil in no time. 220V outlet required!
Ultra-Low Watt Density 
This brewery has been made with ultra-low watt density elements. This means less caramelization and also makes this brewery capable of producing very light beers with very little maillard effect.  This is also particularly good with high gravity beers or barley lines that can sometimes get some degree of scorching in other electric breweries with higher watt density. The lower watt density also means the elements are much easier to clean.
Easy to Use
This is the easiest 65L electric brewery on the market and it's dead simple to use.  Even if you have never brewed an all-grain batch before, you will pick it up in no time with this fantastic single vessel brewery.
Easy to Clean
Cleaning can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of all grain brewing, but with a single vessel brewery like this, cleaning is quick and easy.
Let's face it, we could all do with more storage space. When not in use, the BrewZilla can be packed up into a box that is 24" x 24" x 34" tall, so it only takes up a small space in your garage. You won't find a more compact brewery with this capacity anywhere else.
We highly recommend adding the optional BrewZilla Neoprene Jacket to help reduce heating times and maintain a more vigorous boil. The extra thick neoprene jacket is custom designed to insulate the entire kettle portion of the BrewZilla while staying out of the way of the ball valve and handles. The jacket can help you acheive up to 10% faster heat up times and cut heat loss from the boiler in half.


  • Gen 3.1.1
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 17 gallon total capacity with a finished beer output of 10 gallons
  • Digital temperature controller
  • 220V power
  • NEMA 6-30R plug
  • Triple heating elements for total control (2000, 1000 and 500 watts)
  • Stainless steel 1/2 in ball valve for draining (don't have to use the pump)
  • Immersion wort chiller included
  • Stainless steel malt pipe/basket
  • Stamped in volume markers
  • Glass lid
  • Magnetic drive pump for recirculation
  • Recirculation arm
  • Temperature reads in °F or °C (press and hold temp button for several seconds to adjust)
  • Approximately 36" H (with recirculation arm) x 16" D
  • AlcoEngine Still ready with the purchase of a Distillation Lid

You might also need:

  • 2' of 1/2" ID Silicone tubing for sparging and draining.
  • To connect included chiller: 20' of 1/2" ID tubing, 3 small hose clamps and 1 brass Garden Hose Thread by 1/2" barb adaptor.

NOTE: Due to the size of this item, it is not eligible for international shipping.


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