Blichmann BeerGun™ V2


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In 2005 the BeerGun® bottle filler revolutionized the way homebrewers bottled their kegged beer.  Complicated counter-pressure fillers were obsoleted, and bottling became effortless and enjoyable!  The patented BeerGun® bottle filler became the overwhelmingly dominant filler of choice and we've helped tens of thousands of homebrewers bottle beer and win countless brewing awards.  Something we're very proud of.  But at Blichmann Engineering we listen to homebrewers!  We've taken your feedback and have created the New BeerGun® bottle filler!  More ergonomic, faster and easier to clean, and even more intuitive!

What's new?

  • Ergonomic warm-touch grip with ambidextrous thumb actuated CO2 valve
  • Positively retained beer seal tip - no more lost tips!
  • Anti-microbial beer hose keeps contamination at bay!
  • Accessory kit  now included as standard item
  • Tool free super fast disassembly
  • Made in the USA!

Note: Regulators and "Y" fittings are not included with the product. You need two gas sources, so a dual output MFL regulator is ideal.  You can add a second output to your regulator by adding a "Y" Fitting and 2 shutoffs.  You can also cut your line and add a barbed "T" or use a manifold.

Product Specifications

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