Torpedo Keg - 5 Gal

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$99.95 to $129.99

This Torpedo Ball Lock Keg has all of the convenient features you wish your other kegs had!

The brand new patented design, D794,899, of the Torpedo Keg gives you a high quality keg with features that a dedicated home brewer will appreciate. The machine welds on the Torpedo Keg exceed our standards for quality. There are no nooks and crannies for contaminant to get lodged in. The weld quality is possible because these kegs made by an ISO certified commercial keg manufacturer.

These kegs can be stacked on top of each other with the Ball Lock quick disconnects still attached. They feature rolled stainless steel handles that are comfortable to grab. "In" and "Out" are etched near the keg posts for a quick and mistake-free set up when you are connecting lines in a refrigerator or kegerator.

Considering the price and quality, the Torpedo Keg is an amazing value!

Taking your keg on the go? Don't leave home without a custom tailored Torpedo Keg Sleeve!


Height (in.) x Diameter (in.)

1.5 Gallon: 10.25 x 9

2.5 Gallon: 14.75 x 9

5 Galllon: 23 x 9

Please Note: These are about 1/2" wider than standard Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs. Need something a bit slimmer? Check out the lineup of Slimline Torpedo Kegs!

Product Specifications

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