CO2 Tee - Stainless


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Weight: 0.13LBS
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The durability of this stainless CO2 Tee is more dependable than the plastic alternatives.

An inexpensive way to split your co2 gas line to multiple taps in a fridge, on a keg, on a keezer; the uses are many! If you're connecting and disconnecting tubing and using hose clamps, you'll feel much more secure with the stainless CO2 Tee. Works with 5/16" tubing best, barbs on this CO2 Tee are 0.4" (13/32"), use hose clamps to secure.

A quick tip is to put the end of the tubing in 100-120F water for a minute to soften the tubing. We suggest work gloves when putting tubing onto this product as the ends can be sharp.

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