White Labs Yeast (California Ale V)


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Use White Labs California Ale V to make a great California ale, IPA, or Pale Ale with more malty flavor, more fruit flavor, and a fuller body than you get with WLP001.

This strain of White Labs - California Ale V yeast WLP051 is often compared to its sister strain WLP001 because both yeasts are used to make similar styles of beer. The general consensus is, you get a fuller bodied beer with more pronounced flavors of fruit and malt with WLP051. Attenuation is lower than WLP001, resulting in a fuller bodied beer, which makes it great for brewing Scottish Ales. Try this yeast with Pale ales and IPA's. To ferment this yeast properly pitch at 62-65F and let it rise to 66-68F. Ferment for 10-14 days in the primary.


Attenuation: 70-75%
Flocculation: Medium to High
Fermentation Temp: 66-70F
Wyeast Equivalent: 1272 American II

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