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A blend of WLP001 & WLP002, this yeast strain has been labeled the "Best of Both Worlds". What you get when you taste the finished beer is the malty flavors and aromas of English combined with the ability of California to highlight hops. The true bonus of blending the strains prior to fermentation was discovered in a test at White Labs. The California strain will ferment more sugar than English and that holds true in the blend so your beers will have a higher attenuation (less malt sugar left in beer). Conversely the blend had the same level of flocculation (ability to clump and drop out of solution) as English, naturally leaving a clear beer after fermentation. The English yeast cells apparently also help drop the California yeast cells out of solution. The end result is a yeast blend that has the awesome flavors of the two best selling yeast of all time with the attenuation of California and the flocculation of English...The Best of Both Worlds.

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