Weldless Stainless Thermometer 6 in.


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Install this thermometer on any brewing vessel for the ability to read the temp of your wort or mash at a glance.

With the 6 inch Weldless Thermometer you won't need to lift the lid of your kettle to see the temperature of your wort or mash. This thermometer can be installed on any existing kettle or keg to read temperature from the outside!

The Weldless Thermometer has a 6 inch probe, making it ideal for use in your mash tun. The 6 inch stem is positioned more towards the middle of the mash, giving the thermometer probe more exposure for a more accurate reading. This Weldless Thermometer will work in kettles & converted kegs! The thermometer is our Dial Thermometer, and features a hermetically sealed face, all stainless construction, and a fast response to temperature change!


Thermometer with 6" Probe and 3" Dial Face.
6" probe is long enough to get an accurate reading in Mash.
All Stainless Construction.
High Temperature Food Grade Silicone Gasket.
Will work great with Kettles & Kegs!
Requires a 1" hole to be drilled in the vessel for installation.

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