Torpedo Keg Buoy™ Floating Dip Tube w/ Filter


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With the Torpedo Buoy™ floating dip tube with filter, you'll be pouring the clearest beer possible from first pint to last! As your beer sits at low temperatures, more and more haze particles settle out to the bottom of the keg. This means the clearest beer in the keg is always at the top. The Buoy™ uses a stainless float to position the silicone dip tube just 1" below the surface of the beer. The Filter helps keep your dip tube clear of any solids or hops ensuring a clear line. It also helps to keep the dip tube well submerged below the liquid line to avoid issues where the dip tube might get out of position and suck CO2 from the headspace. Kick homebrew haze to the curb and start drawing the brightest beer possible. Yeah, Buoy!

If you prefer to use the Buoy without the filter attachment, the standard model can be found here.

Installs on any Ball Lock or Pin Lock keg quickly and easily. Simply remove your bev out post and replace the long metal dip tube with the provided 3" metal dip tube. Slide one end of the silicone tubing over the 3" dip tube and the other end of the tubing over the metal tube connected to the float. The silicone tubing is sized for 5-gallon kegs, but you can cut it shorter to use on 1.5 or 2.5-gallon kegs. Also compatible with the Torpedo Keg Depth Charge series 10 & 15 gallon kegs!


  • 3" Stainless Dip Tube
  • 1/4" ID Silicone Tubing (23.5" long)
  • Ball Float Made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Filter Attachment made from HDPE and 304 Stainless Steel mesh

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