Torpedo Keg Buoy™ Floating Dip Tube


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Draw the clearest beer possible from first pint to last with the Torpedo Buoy™ floating dip tube. Includes 3" metal dip tube, 23.5" length of 1/4" ID silicone tubing, and stainless steel ball float. Compatible with any ball lock or pin lock homebrew keg. Sized for 5-gallon kegs, but can be shortened for use with 1.5 or 2.5-gallon kegs. Also compatible with the Torpedo Keg Depth Charge series 10 & 15 gallon kegs.

Also available with the optional Filter Attachment. This will prevent hop material and other solids from ever entering the dip tube. A great upgrade accessory if you like to dry hop or add other additions directly to your keg while serving.



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