Rwanda Gakenke - Wet Process - Green Coffee Beans

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The Rwanda Gakenke Wet Processed beans are grown and processed at the Bumbogo coffee washing station located in Rwanda's Northern Province. Gakenke has now produced several award-winning lots, recognized in the Cup of Excellence competition.

After cherries are brought to the Bumbogo station, they are pulped in a machine pulper and then floated in fermentation tanks overnight, for approximately 12 hours.  Workers then perform “ikinimba,” a tradition of singing five songs while dancing and stomping on the coffee to clean off the last of the mucilage. This is intended to bring out more sweetness in the coffee.

Beans are then graded using channels based on density and size from A1 to A4, and hand sorted. And finally, they’re dried for 20 to 25 days on raised beds.

The cupping notes for these beans are cranberry, lime, floral, tropical, bright, rich, clean.

Our Regional Series are coffees from the most famous and well-regarded coffee-growing regions from around the world. These coffees highlight the typical flavors, aromas, and essential characteristics of the particular region and/or sub regions. Try our regional series to get an example of these famous coffee regions!

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