DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil | Gen 1


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Please note: This kit is intended for use with Gen 1 35L DigiBoils. It has a slightly larger wire support ring that may not fit Gen 2 DigiBoils. Click here for the Gen 2 DigiMash Upgrade Kit. If you're unsure which generation your unit is, check the base. Gen 1 units have rubber feet and Gen 2 units have a molded plastic base.

DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil. Includes everything you need to use the DigiBoil as an electric, digitally controlled mash tun.


  • False bottom
  • Malt pipe
  • Wire support 
  • Malt pipe handle
  • Malt pipe bottom screen


Kegland Part Number: KL12980


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