FerMonster 7 Gallon Carboy


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This innovative fermenter was specifically designed to have the features a homebrewer wishes every fermenter had.

Designed specifically for fermentation, the FerMonster 7 Gallon Plastic Carboy has incorporated all of the features a homebrewer would want in a fermenter. It has huge 4" mouth opening for easy filling, and makes hop or oak additions a breeze. Thanks to the extra wide opening, cleanup is as easy as wiping down the inside. The smooth interior surface reduces yeast and sediment buildup. There are no ribs or texture to collect yeast or bacteria, making it the most sanitary PET carboy on the market.

The large 7 gallon size gives you extra space for fermentation, reducing blowoff issues seen with standard 5 and 6 gallon carboys. The punted bottom allows sediment to collect to the sides so that you can siphon liquid from the center. It has molded in volume markers on the side for accurate filling. Also notice the conical top, which reduces surface area if you plan to store beer or wine long term.

The Fermonster is made from thick, heavy PET plastic (the same material used in 2 L soda bottles), for structural integrity and impermeability to oxygen. It is lighter and safer than regular carboys. It can easily be moved by hand, or you can use it with our Carboy Carrier for even greater ease of use. These fermentors are completely air-tight and the lids sealed tight with an O-Ring. Additional O-Rings and Lids both with and without holes are available for purchase, see our You Might Also Need items below.


4" inner diameter wide mouth carboy - easy to clean!
Food grade PET plastic construction is nearly impermeable to oxygen penetration
No hard to clean dimples or ribs
Volume Markers at 5, 6, and 7 Gallons
Punted bottom
O-Ring and Lid with one hole is included (Fits #10 Stopper)
Additional O-Rings and Lids available
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Temperature Limit: 140 F
Height: 20.9 inches
Diameter: 11.3 inches

Completely taste and odor free.

Product Specifications

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