Cool Brewing Insulated Fermentation Bag


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The Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler is a great way to lower fermentation temperatures, while keeping costs low as well.  This insulated fermentation bag is designed to hold a 5, 6, or 6.5 gal fermenter along with airlock while fermenting.  By simply adding in bottles of ice from the freezer, you can see a 30° F drop in the bag from ambient temperatures.

Not only will your customers produce better beer, but they will be less constrained to seasonal temperature changes.  Aside from working great to cool ferments during the summer, it functions just as well as a heated fermentation chamber during the colder months.  Pair the Cool Brewing Insulated Fermention Bag with a Fermwrap and temperature controller for precise heating control.

The Cool Brewing Bag has recently been further improved with the following updates:

  1. Thicker Insulation. This not only helps maintain cooler temperatures better, but also makes the cooler more rigid to stand up better on its own.
  2. A thicker internal liner. This helps keep the cooler even more durable as well as helping with temperature control.
  3. A heavier duty zipper. Specifically designed to accommodate thicker insulation and liner for improved durability.

Inner Dimensions: 20.5" D x 25.5" H

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