BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni+ Conical Fermenter

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The X1 Uni+ is now available in the 7, 14, and 42 gallon sizes.  The 27 gallon models are still in development and are expected to be released Summer 2021.


The X1 Uni+ is what you get when you pair the BrewBuilt Conical Fermenter with a host of premium accessories. Take complete control of your fermentations by adding the ability to regulate temperature, monitor fermentation activity, harvest yeast, pull the clearest samples, and improve many more aspects of the fermentation process. The BrewBuilt X1 Uni+ includes a slew of upgrades including a custom fitted CoolStix™ and insulating neoprene jacket, Flex Chamber Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester, and the Pressure Pack with Clear Float Technology.

CoolStix™ Cooling Rod
Brewing great beer is nearly impossible without controlling the fermentation temperature. The CoolStix offers an easy-to-use, innovative solution to achieve perfect fermentation temps. Pair it with an IceMaster Glycol Chiller or a BrewBuilt Chiller Pump Kit placed in ice water. Cooling solution will cycle through the CoolStix to lower the temperature of your fermenting beer whenever needed. The beauty of the CoolStix is its straight vertical design, which is much easier to clean and sanitize than a cooling coil. The custom-sewn neoprene jacket will help keep your temperatures stable so you're not constantly cycling your submersible pump.

The 7- and 14-gallon models use a single rod CoolStix while the 27- and 42-gallon models use the CoolStix Reactor Rod with four cooling rods. The larger CoolStix Reactor Rod is made using a 4” TC fitting, so you will need to remove the Pressure Pack top to insert the Reactor Rod. After fermentation and cold aging are complete, you can replace the Reactor Rod with the Pressure Pack to sample and transfer under pressure.

Flex Chamber - Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester
The Flex Chamber attaches directly to the dump valve and can be used for monitoring fermentation activity, dropping trub, harvesting yeast, and many other tasks. Ball lock adapters can be attached to the threaded ports on either side, allowing you to connect oxygenation or carbonation stones. Or flush the pressurizable Flex Chamber with CO2 and use it to inject hops and other additions into the fermenter. Also works well as storage vessel for harvested yeast!

Pressure Pack with Clear Float Technology
Add pressure capability with the Pressure Pack upgrade. With a pressurizable conical, you can ferment, carbonate, and serve all in one vessel. The Clear Float Technology racking tube can be used for taking samples, transferring to keg, or serving finished beer. This innovative feature draws liquid from the top down so you’re always pulling the clearest, most sediment-free beer possible. Using pressure to draw a sample also eliminates the small amount of oxygen that would otherwise be injected into your beer when using the plunger-style sample valve.

Protect your beer when it's most vulnerable by pressure transferring from fermenter to keg. Kegging is the last step where you could potentially damage your beer via oxygen exposure. With the Pressure Pack you can keg from the top down and leave sediment behind.

X1 Uni Conical Fermenters
The BrewBuilt X1 Uni was purpose-built with today's brewers and modern brewing processes in mind. The end result of thousands of hours of research, contemplation, and development, this conical fermenter boasts a feature set that will advance your fermentation process, improve the quality of your finished beer, and look absolutely stunning while doing it. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, the quality exceeds what has previously been done in brewing applications and approaches the level of pharmaceutical-grade finish. With all the premium features brewers demand, and a list of available upgrades, the X1 Uni will be your favorite piece of brewing equipment for many years to come.

2” T.C. Dump Valve
With an oversized 2" bottom port, you can dry hop worry-free. Many conicals can run into clogging issues with a standard 1.5" dump valve, but BrewBuilt designed the X1 Uni with hop lovers in mind. Flocculating yeast will slide right down the smooth interior walls, collecting neatly in the bottom of the cone to make yeast harvesting and removal a breeze. And the butterfly dump valve will integrate perfectly with the included Flex Chamber Trub Separator and Yeast Harvester.

Reinforced Foundation
Many homebrew conicals on the market receive a common complaint, and that's the tippiness that comes with a three-legged design. This design is mostly fine when the unit is set on an even surface, but it also results in users needing to purchase a bracing shelf if they ever upgrade to rolling casters or add leg extensions. The X1 Uni features a four-leg, welded-bar reinforced base modeled after professional brewery tanks. Although it's more expensive to make them this way, the cost is well worth it, as this seemingly small detail provides an absolutely rock-solid foundation. This is a critical feature for those planning on adding rolling casters. The reinforced legs also allowed the conical to stand taller, so there's no need for additional leg extenders. Mount an elbow, a sight glass, or the Flex Chamber underneath the dump valve and still have room to spare.

Extra Beefy Handles
We don’t recommend lifting and moving a full conical, but you may need to at some point with the help of a friend. The handles on the X1 Uni feature molded silicone over stainless steel for a solid, comfortable grip, and are uniquely designed to stop half-way when they swing out so you won’t crush your fingers.

Adjustable Feet
The standard thread-in feet allow you to adjust the stance of the conical to compensate for uneven flooring. Quickly and easily adjust the fermenter if your home brewery isn't completely level. The feet can be swapped out with our high-quality casters at any time.

Other Features You’ll Love

X1 Uni Conical Features:
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Mirror polish finish
  • Welded tri-clamp ports
  • Single-piece lid clamp
  • Pressure-ready with built-in 15 psi PRV
  • Internally etched volume markers


Gross Volume Net Volume Overall Height (in.) Overall Width (in.)
7 gal 6 gal 35 13
14 gal 12 gal 37 17
27 gal 24 gal 41.25 22
42 gal 37 gal 50.25 22


Volume Specs:

  7 gal 14 gal 27 gal 42 gal
Recommended Min. Batch Size 2.5 gal 5.5 gal 12.5 gal 12.5 gal
Volume to Reach Thermowell 2.3 gal 5.16 gal 11.93 gal 11.93 gal
Volume to Reach Sample Valve 0.2 gal 0.43 gal 0.92 gal 0.92 gal

Recommended minimum batch size is based on the volume needed to submerge the thermowell, allowing you to use a temperature controller to maintain fermentation temps.


Temperature Specs:

Ambient Temp. 7 gal 14 gal 27 gal 42 gal
60°F -22°F -20°F -28°F -24°F
70°F -25°F -23°F -32°F -28°F
80°F -32°F -30°F -37°F -34°F
90°F -34°F -32°F -38°F -35°F

The above chart represents the maximum drop in temperature you can expect based on the ambient temperature. For example, with the 7-gallon model in a 60°F environment, the lowest temperature you can expect to acheive is 38°F or 22°F less than ambient. This data was gathered using glycol at -6°F. Full temperature drop my take 36 to 48 hours.


Product Specifications

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