Gallagher's Best Pale Malt - Admiral Maltings

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A well balanced pale ale malt. Bright aroma of multigrain crackers and hay. Mildly sweet flavor of toast with honey.
Gallagher's Best is named after Lynn Gallagher, a longtime barley breeder at UC Davis. Lynn has devoted his professional career to improving the livelihoods of farmers by breeding grain varieties that thrive in their region. For Gallagher's Best, we used one of Lynn's experimental barley varieties that is well suited for dryland farming in the Sacramento Valley. As maltsters and brewers, Admiral loves the variety's extra plump kernels and modest protein content. For this batch, they used the same kilning recipe as their Maiden Voyage malt to create a similarly golden color. Expect a rich aroma of multigrain crackers and hay with a mildly sweet honey flavor.
All of Admiral's malts are produced from grain grown sustainably by California family farms. Bob Schaupp grew this promising new barley variety in his fields outside Woodland, CA.
Sample Analysis:
Protein - 10.0%
S/T - 46.8%
Moisture - 4.6%
Friability - 85.7%
Fine Extract - 82.4% D.B.
Beta-Glucan - 114 mg/L
Fan - 202 mg/L
Alpha Amylase - 49.4
Diastic Power (Lintner) - 163 °L
Filtration Time - Normal
Clarity - Clear
Color (SRM) - 2.95


Product Specifications

BrandAdmiral Maltings
Lovibond0 - 100 L

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