Yeast Starter Kit (2000ml)


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A very easy and popular way to make a starter for your craft brew. Great for beginners and experts!

This kit includes everything you need to create a high performing yeast starter. Start with one vial of Whitelabs yeast and this starter kit. The kit comes with a 2000ml Erlenmeyer flask, 1/2 lb DME, & 1oz Fermaid K (Yeast Nutrient). This kit can be used to create a starter for cold fermented lagers, high alcohol beers, or any brew where you want to be sure that the yeast has a good strong start.

Directions for use: Mix 1 cup (1/4 pound) of DME10 and 2 pinches of yeast nutrient mix with 1800ml of water.

A Note On The Flask: In the lab world, these flasks are known as "Student Grade" - not the highest laboratory grade, but perfect for making yeast starters! You will notice minor flecks and bubbles in the glass. Using these flasks on an electric element is not recommended due to compromising the integrity of the glass. If this cannot be avoided, we recommend using a larger pot as a hot water bath on the stove.

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