CMBecker Faucet | X1 Standard | Lever Adjusted | Creamer | Black


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The X1 Faucet has been used for many beverage dispense applications over the years including beer, soda, carbonated water and other beverages. This faucet is a great choice when you need to dispense very cold beer that might freeze a metal faucet. This configuration features a standard faucet lever, and a lever flow control adjustment system.

Please note: The CM Becker X1 and V10 flow control faucets require a proprietary draft shank and will not work with a standard draft shank. Please select on of the draft shanks below to add to your order.

  • 2.5" Chrome Exterior w/ Food Grade Liner (D12907)
  • 2.5" Stainless Steel (D12908)
  • 5-3/8" Stainless Steel (D12909)


  • Lever Adjustment
  • Food Grade (NSF Approved) plastic and stainless steel
  • Full length European Flow Control (completely control restriction at the faucet;no restriction line needed)
  • Made in Germany and assembled in the USA!
  • Features a built in "Creamer" function so you can put a fine cream head on your beer
  • Used in restaurants and bars locally and abroad

The faucet handle and draft shank in the example photo are not included.

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