Wort Chiller - Immersion Chiller (25' x 3/8" With Brass Fittings)


Item #: 19515
Weight: 12LBS
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Our wort immersion chillers are very popular because of their unique top coils that chill your wort from the top down, targeting the hottest area first and making the entire process more effective than ever before. This particular Wort Immersion Chiller 25’ x 3/8” also features brass fittings on either of its ends, which make it easy to attach in and out hoses using standard garden hose fittings.
This particular wort immersion chiller features 25 feet of 3/8 inch copper coils that are lifted to the top of the pot right where the heat rests. Because this immersion chiller is designed especially to use with our 8 Gallon Heavy Duty Kettle, it is the perfect addition to many of our most popular home brewing setups. Also available as a water efficient immersion wort chiller.  
The measurements are: 10" diameter, 8" to the top coil. 15" to the bend to go over the lip of the kettle.

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