Wort Chiller | Immersion Chiller | 25' x 3/8" Copper Tubing | Vinyl Tubing Included for Inlet/Outlet | Female Garden Hose Adapter


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This innovative wort chiller design moves the coils to the top of the wort, giving you a fast and efficient cooldown.

Since heat rises, it makes sense that the hottest wort is at the top of the kettle. By putting the cooling coils of this Immersion Wort Chiller at the top instead of the bottom, you get the cool water at the top of the wort, giving you the fastest heat exchange possible. This will cool down your wort quickly. There is no need to stir with this chiller as the cool wort sinks to the bottom of the kettle, thereby pushing the warm wort from the bottom up to the top, creating its own current. This gentle transfer of heat still easily allows your trub and spent hops to settle to the bottom of your kettle.

The connection feeds on our chillers are bent down at an angle so that if there is any dripping at the copper/vinyl connection point it drips out of the kettle and not back into your beer. Also works perfect with a kettle that features a notched lid.


25 feet of 3/8 inch copper tubing
8 feet of vinyl tubing at both the in and the out
Female garden hose fitting is included for easy adaptation to a garden hose.
10" diameter, 8" to the top coil, 15" to the bend to go over the lip of the kettle.

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