Wine Thief - Glass


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Hand-made by local artists right near our headquarters in Berkeley, California. This is our best thief by far and is our staff favorite.  You can just feel the quality and craftsmanship of the piece when you pick it up.  It has that kind of weight to it.  Tested in our wine room and tested in the field.  You cannot go wrong with this piece whether you are a pro wine maker or a home winemaker who makes professional quality wine.

We have been selling this same thief for years now, and it's ideal for sampling wine from glass carboys or barrels. Taking a sample out of a barrel just feels right with this tool. This hand-blown glass wine thief holds approximately 50 ml of liquid -- the perfect amount for sampling and using for testing.

This is the thief you dream about!

Approximate dimensions 3/4 in. diameter x 1 ft. long before the bend.


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