Water Filter Kit - 10 inch


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Filter your brewing water to ensure a great tasting beer with no "off flavors".

When you're brewing, there can be unwanted elements in the water that will affect the way your beer turns out. Chlorine and other chemicals can affect the flavor of your final product. When you filter the water before you begin brewing, you are starting with a clean slate to allow your yeast, malt and other ingredients shine.

This Water Filter Kit features a 10" carbon block filter that removes all chlorine and organic flavor. Kit includes 10" housing, one carbon block filter, garden hose attachment, barbed fittings and 6' of 3/8" vinyl tubing. Replace the carbon block after filtering approximately 800 gallons of water or after 1 year of use, whichever comes first. Disassemble the filter and store it dry, when not in use

NOTE: This product should not be used in hot water applications. Cold water only!

This product includes a carbon filter and is designed to filter water only (Carbon filters should not be used to filter beer or wine).

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