Thermometer - (2 in. x 12 in.)


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This High Quality 2 in. x 12 in.Thermometer is quick to respond to temperature changes and easy to read.

Less effective bi-metal thermometers have the a helical coil tack welded to the stem of the thermometer. This causes hang-ups, where you have to tap the thermometer to get the temp to adjust. Our high quality thermometers feature a super sensitive bimetallic helical coil suspended from a copper coated bushing fixed in the stem. This superior design provides a faster response to temperature changes and assures more accurate readings.

They are also accurate to 1% of the total range, feature a polished 2" 304 stainless steel housing, a hermetically sealed water proof case, and glass face. The range is 0-220 °F and -10-100 °C. The 12" stem is 1/8" stainless steel. This is a very different thermometer than some of the other low quality 2" x 12" thermometers that are currently on the market.

This dial thermometer should be calibrated at 150 degrees °F

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