Tapcooler Magnetic Handsfree Clip | Bottle Filler Mount


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Already own a Tapcooler, and want a better and more efficient way to fill your bottles with it? Then look no further than the Magnetic Handsfree Mount for the Tapcooler. This accessory allows you to mount your Tapcooler to the side of any magnetic surface (like your kegerator or keezer) to enable handsfree filling, bottle after bottle. No more having to hold onto the Tapcooler while filling. With this, you can setup the bottle, begin filling, and then use your free hands to get ready for the next bottle. Get the handsfree mount for your Tapcooler today, and make filling your homebrew bottles even MORE fun (if that was possible)!

NOTE: You'll need to use the Beer Valve Connector, Intertap Extension Tube, or Faucet Extension Tube to use the handsfree mount. These items are all sold separately, so make sure to grab one if you don't have one already.

This item is the handsfree mount only. The Tapcooler bottle filler and extension tubes are all sold separately.

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