Stainless - Weldless Sight Gauge (20 in.)


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This Weldless Sight Gauge features a glass sight gauge encased in a chrome-plated sheath. All metal parts in contact with the beer are 100% stainless steel, and the gasket is a high temp, food-grade material. You will need to drill a 1" hole in your kettle.


  • 20" Sight Gauge is perfect for up to 30 gallon kettles(dependent upon dimensions!).
  • Monitor liquid level visually without opening up your kettle! Extremely useful for HLTs on the top tier of a sculpture.
  • Stainless construction means the product will last for years.
  • Sight Gauge disassembles easily for cleaning.
  • 1/2" FPT on sight gauge base means you can upgrade with a thermometer!

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