Complete Beer Faucet Combo | Stainless 4" Shank | 1/4" Barbed Nipple | Stainless Faucet | Tap Handle


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This is our Stainless Faucet, our Stainless 4" Shank with 1/4" nipple, and a Faucet knob, all combined into one. Please note that the actual useable length of the shank will be about 3 5/8 ", due to the hext nut and tail piece attatched to it.

Installation note: On a fridge there is generally no coolant lines running through the door but please check to see there are no lines connecting the door and the rest of the refrigerator. To test for coolant lines on a freezer start with a warm freezer then plug the unit in with the lid open. You should be able to see the lines form condensation on the inside of the freezer where there are lines running. Please still use caution when drilling.

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