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These convenient capsules give you an easy, effective way to help ensure yeast health, ultimately leading to better tasting beer.

Servomyces increases yeast health, decreases fermentation time, and increases alcohol potential. It also stimulates the uptake of maltose which results in drier beer with higher alcohol yields. It is made by saturating beer yeast with zinc and then drying it. When you add this to your wort, the zinc is in a form that is easier for your yeast to absorb. In a side-by-side test of a split batch, one using Servomyces the other without, the batch with Servomyces started faster, fermented quicker, and finished 1 gravity point less than the control batch.

This amazing nutrient was originally available only to professional brewers. Now, thanks to White Labs and Lallemand, you can get it for your own homebrew!

Contains 6 capsules good for 5 gallons of wort each. Add Servomyces in the last 10 minutes of the boil. If you're making something that doesn't require a boil, just open a capsule and add it directly to your brew.

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