Replacement Electrode for MT682 & MT694 (Hanna# HI 1048B)

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Dedicated Replacement Electrode for the MT682 & MT694 Hanna TA Titrators. This electrode is essentially identical to the MT616A Replacement Electrode for our Pro-Series Wine pH meter, and the two electrodes are in fact interchangeable on both machines. The difference is that the electrode for the Pro Series pH meter has a secondary connection designed to convey measurement and calibration data to the pH meter itself which can then be transferred to a PC through an RS232 connection. The TA Titrator does not have this capability.

To Condition:
Rinse any salts still present from shipping from the meter with distilled water. Be sure to "shake down" (think mercury thermometer) any air bubbles that have formed in the probe tip during shipping. Soak the probe tip in water fpr 30-60 minutes and you're ready to calibrate.

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