Propane Burner


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Weight: 3LBS
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Fire Warning: This product involves a flammable gas. We sell these products to use outdoor in well ventilated areas, if you are not sure about your install please consult a qualified plumber. Please use extreme caution when using.

This powerful burner is just what you need to get your water or wort up to temperature fast! 
This 55,000 btu Propane Burner is perfect for 5 to 20 gallon batch sizes. It is 3 7/8'' wide at the widest point. You will need our high-pressure, adjustable pressure regulator to operate the burner. This is a ring style burner and not a jet burner. The flame distribution and control is great; it is not concentrated like a jet burner. This burner will not work with low pressure propane (house propane) or with natural gas. 
Ideally you want to install these about 4-6 inches below the kettle. 
These burners do not come with a brass jet. If you need the brass jet for attaching regulator tubing with flare outputs please purchase a 1/8 mpt x 3/8 flare propane jet. 
If you intend on plumbing these you will need a burner jet to connect to your gas system. 
These item is not intended for indoor use. 

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