Pipe Cutter


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This easy to use pipe cutter makes cutting copper, stainless steel, or aluminum tubing an absolute breeze. Easy to use and compact so it can get into tight corners and gives you a clean pipe cut. Simply hand tighten the pipe cutter onto the mark where you want to cut the pipe. Rotate the cutter around the pipe a couple of times to create a groove all around the pipe, and then each time you rotate the cutter, tighten the blade a little. Each rotation will cut a little deeper into the pipe and the cut will be straight.

  • Suitable for 1/8"-3/16" pipe (3-22 mm)
  • Cuts copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty one-piece slide
  • Polished roller for easy rotation
  • Hardened steel cutting blade

Kegland Part Number: KL14557


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