Perlick Beer Faucet 690SS Flow Control with Push-Back Creamer


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The innovative forward sealing Perlick beer faucet with flow control now featuring a push-back creamer. Flow control can help reduce foaming issues no matter what beer line size or length you're using. The push-back creamer feature enables the operator to finish every pour with just the precise amount of foam. Constructed of 304 stainless steel!

More on Perlick's Forward Sealing Design
The #1 feature of Perlick faucets are their forward sealing design. Why is that so important? In an ordinary, rear-sealing faucet, the entire faucet must drain out of beer. There is actually a pin hole in the back of an ordinary faucet that allows beer to drain out. Because beer drains from the entire faucet the faucet remains sticky and is prone to contamination from the left over residue. The Perlick faucet, with its forward sealing design, only has beer drain from the short 1" nozzle section. This allows it to always operate smoothly (even when it was not cleaned between uses) and greatly reduces contamination.

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