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The OxyWand(TM) is a homebrewer's best friend. It oxygenates wort in mere minutes, reaches to the bottom of large vessels, and has a diffusion stone that can be easily removed for sanitization.

Oxygenating your wort creates an oxygen rich environment that yeast love! Healthy yeast produce amazing flavors in your beer and have the stamina to completely finish fermentation. The OxyWand(TM) pumps thousands of microscopic oxygen bubbles into your wort. The advantage of using compressed oxygen to oxygenate is speed - you can oxygenate your wort in 60 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes with aeration.

The stone on the OxyWand(TM) is connected via a 1/4" flare fitting and can easily be removed and cleaned after use and then boiled before your next brew day. To prevent any unwanted contamination of your wort, always boil your stone prior to use.

When assembled the OxyWand(TM) is 26" long and will easily reach the bottom of glass carboys, stainless conicals, Speidel fermenters, etc. This .5 micron stone can only be used with compressed oxygen because an aeration pump does not supply enough pressure. You will want to use 1/4" tubing. See the recommended regulator below to connect to disposable style compressed oxygen cylinders available from your local hardware store.

If you are looking for an Oxywand to use with aeration pumps please see the 2 micron version.

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