Non-Return Kit for ChillyMax Glycol Chillers


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If your glycol system is positioned below the level of your jackets, heat exchangers or piping system, you may get back flow into the chiller's reservoir when the solenoid valves at all of your tanks are closed and the chiller's pump turns off.

This Non-Return kit works with all Kreyer ChillyMax chillers to prevent this situation. The kit includes a one-way check valve which is installed inline on the chiller's outlet, and an electric solenoid valve installed on the chiller's inlet. The solenoid valve is wired to the relay that controls the chiller's pump such that when the pump turns off the valve closes.

Simple to install and completely automatic, this kit allows you to keep the chiller's reservoir full and not worry about the placement in relation to the rest of your glycol system.

Note: This only works with Chilly Max units.  It will not work with any other chillers such as the Chilly 45.

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