15 ft³ Nitrogen Tank | Argon Tank | Aluminum


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Weight: 8LBS
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These nitrogen tanks (also capable of holding argon) are all brand new aluminum tanks in standard sizing with high quality valves. Aluminum tanks are superior to steel because they do not rust. All tanks are shipped empty. To have tanks filled you will want to visit your local welding supply shop. This tank is rated for 1800 PSI.   

Because you are purchasing a new nitrogen and argon tank you can choose to either have it filled or to exchange it for a filled tank at your local gas supplier. If you have this tank filled the local gas supplier is responsible for affixing the correct neck label that identifies the gas being put in the cylinder. 

Fill with Nitrogen, Argon or beer gas mix (70% Nitrogen/30% CO2) for dispensing beers "On Nitrogen."

CGA580 Valve

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