Multi Jet Low Pressure Propane Burner - 92,000 BTU/hr


Item #: 17250
Weight: 4LBS
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Fire Warning: This product involves a flammable gas. We sell these products to use outdoor in well ventilated areas, if you are not sure about your install please consult a qualified plumber. Please use extreme caution when using.


This is a 92,000 BTU multi jet low pressure propane burner and has 20 individual jets.  This is great for boiling your water or wort in a hurry but should be installed and connected by a professional plumber.

These item is not intended for indoor use. These burners are not for use on portable propane tanks, they are for use with large propane tanks with regulators that typically feed a rural homes where natural gas is not offered.

  • Flame height is 2" to 3"
  • Ring Dia is 8"
  • Inlet thread is 1/2" Female Pipe Thread.
  • 20 Jets

Product Specifications

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