Fresh Roast SR-800 Coffee Roaster


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Weight: 6LBS
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The SR800 is the newest addition to the SR Series of green Coffee Roasters from Home Roasting Supplies. The perfect unit for those looking for an affordable 1/2 pound roaster. The roast capacity for wet-processed beans is 8 oz, for natural processed beans we recommend reducing the roasting amount to 6 oz. Natural or dry processed beans create more chaff than wet-processed.

The roaster features a new heavy-duty high capacity fan and heater.  It has an improved control board. All adjustments are made with pushing the knob and turning to adjust the heat, fan, and time. It also features a real-time temperature readout. A quick turn of the knob to the right will display the current temperature. There are now 9 levels of heat adjustment compared to having a Low, Medium, and High adjustment. The fan also has a wider range of adjustment. The chaff basket and top lid from earlier SR roasters will not fit on the new SR800 or SR540. The roasting chamber is a much larger diameter. Users are also able to change the default start settings. This roaster is not computer controlled. 

  • Maximum batch - 8 oz
  • Minimum batch - 4 oz
  • Manual control
  • 120V

Please note: overall roasting time may vary depending on your household outlet's voltage rating, as well as the overall size, density and moisture content of the beans.


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