ForgeFit® Stainless Tri-Clamp Rotating Racking Arm - 1.5 in.


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Stop leaving clean, perfectly good, wine or beer in your tank and always drain from the perfect height with our tri-clover style rotating racking arms. Remove your existing tri-clamp butterfly valve and place this rotating racking arm between the tank and your valve. When it is time to rack off slightly loosen the clamp nearest the tank and use the built-in handle to rotate to just about the lees level.

A white rotatable gasket is placed between the welded in tank fitting and this rotating arm. Because the micro finish of the gasket is hard and slippery it allows the rotating arm to rotate in place. A standard black EPDM gasket is placed between the rotating arm and the butterfly valve and is always kept completely tightened.

The length of the arm after the elbow is 10.5" allowing you to draw from roughly 8" above or below the valve level. The arm measures 9.5" from the TC fitting to the elbow. We suggest you assemble the rotating arm and butterfly valve in such a way that the arm is pointed in the same direction as the handle on your butterfly valve. In this manner you always know how the racking arm is positioned in your tank.

Manufactured from 304-type stainless steel with a polished finish. 1.5" tri-clover connection.

Product Specifications

Size1.5 in.
MaterialStainless Steel

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