Fermentis Dry Yeast - SafSour LP 652™ (100 g)


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SafSour LP 652™ has been specifically selected by Fermentis for its capabilities to provide tropical, citrus and fruity notes when used in kettle souring. Giving a nice freshness to the beer, SafSour LP 652™ is a homofermentative lactic acid bacteria.

Ideal for kettle sour beer recipes.

An optimum dosing rate of 10 g/hL provides a lactic fermentation within 24h – 36h.

It is recommended to pitch directly into the non-hopped wort at the temperature of 37°C.

Storage must be done in cool temperatures (< 4°C/39.2°F) and in dry conditions.

Shelf Life:
18 Months from production date (see printed information on the sachet).

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