Fermentap Thermometer (3in. Face x 6in. Probe)


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Nice large dial, accurate, easy to read, great price!

This Bi-Metal Dial Thermometer with 6" Probe is just the right fit for keeping track of the temp in your boil kettle or hot liquor tank (the stem may be too short for a mash tun). This thermometer has a 3" Face, a 6" Probe, and a 1/2" MPT on the back. It is made from stainless steel, is hermetically sealed to keep out moisture, and responds quickly to temperature changes. Easily calibrated with a flathead screwdriver, and operates within 1% full scale accuracy. For the same thermometer with a 2.5" probe, see our MT512.

Temperature range is 20-240F and 0-110C. Calibration screw is 1/16th" hex nut.

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