Female Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect w/ Barb

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Made in the USA from 304 stainless steel.

This quick disconnect seals up very well without a lot of work in connecting them. This will work with any of our H503 and H507 series of quick disconnects. However, it does not work in conjunction with any of our plastic or brass quick disconnects. These feature a 1/2" Barb on the ends for easy connectivity to any 1/2" tubing you may have.

The quick disconnect will hold pressure for typical brewing applications when moving liquids at 60psi or less. 3/8" ID. Gasket temperature range is -40° to 250° F. Open port, does not have shut-off.

We designed the original stainless QD's for the brewing industry over 10 years ago. The same manufacturer has been machining them for us ever since. The design has certainly been copied but not with consistent quality. That is why our Stainless QD fittings have a near unanimous 5 star review.

Please Note: This product will NOT work with our Brass or Plastic Quick Disconnects.

Product Specifications

Size1/2 in.
MaterialStainless Steel
UseBarb, Quick Disconnect

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