FastRack12 - Bottle Drying Rack & Storage System

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$6.49 to $22.99

The FastRack Wine is the cleanest way to drain, stack, and store your empties!  When bottling, use the FastRack to dry out your bottles after sanitizing, and have them ready at hand to fill with your delicious homebrew!  The FastRack Wine is very condense and takes up far less space than a bottle tree.  Use this post consumption as well to help keep all of your bottles in one place ready for rinsing.  The FastRack wine works great for 22 oz beer bottles (bombers) or wine bottles.

We sell the Fast Rack in a combo pack, which consists of 1 Tray and 2 Racks and is perfect for a 5 gallon batch, or in the individual components for stacking taller! 

2 FastRack Wine Racks will hold 24 x 22 oz (beer bombers) or 750 ml (standard wine) bottles, a full 5 gallon batch!

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