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Making a yeast starter helps to ensure a vigorous ferment right off the bat. Use this convenient Erlenmeyer Flask to make it even easier!

Our huge 5000ml Erlenmeyer Flask is the perfect size for creating a yeast starter for a 10 gallon batch of beer. You reduce the risk of contaminating your yeast starter with unwanted organisms by doing the entire starter-making process in one convenient container! Because it is made from borosilicate glass you can move it from a boil to cold water bath without the risk of cracking and without switching containers. (We recommend using a gas burner, NOT an electric element. If this cannot be avoided, use a larger pot as a hot water bath on the stove.)

Air bubbles and variations will be seen in these "student grade" flasks. Student grade flasks are great for making yeast starters as the cost is reasonable for the craft brewer, and the flask is well suited for the job.

Recommended Process for Use of Flask: The "Double Boiler" method.

Our manufacturer has confirmed that direct heat to the glass can break down its integrity and cause it to break if the heat source doesn't distribute evenly. To prevent this, we recommend heating the flask inside a 3 gallon (or larger) kettle with water in it. The boiling water bath on the outside of the flask will evenly heat up the water inside the flask. If, at any time, the flask boils over or breaks, all of the spill will be contained inside the kettle.

Kegland Part Number: KL04008

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