Electronic Grain Scale - 55 lb


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This 55lb Electronic Grain Scale will make your brew day so much easier!

This heavy duty, high weight capability, scale is capable of weighing a full sack and then some. No more metering out smaller amounts onto a less capable scale to get to the final number you need. With this scale you can get it done all at once. This is a benchtop unit with a 55lb capacity, lifetime warranty, and a host of helpful features.


Massive 55 lb (25 kg) capacity!
30 year warranty
Optional Backlight Feature
Runs on 4 x C batteries or AC adaptor (included)
Large Weigh Platform 8" x 6.5"
Weighs in Pounds, Pounds:Ounces, Kilograms, Grams, Ounces
Dual Range Weight Design:
0-2 lbs x 0.1oz, 0-1kg x 2g
2-55 lbs x 0.5oz, 1kg-25kg x 10g

Display is removable and attached to two foot cord for easy viewing of the display while using larger weighing vessels.

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