Counter Pressure Bottle Filler


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Weight: 2LBS
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If you want to use a counter pressure bottling system at home, this Counter Pressure Bottle Filler won't disappoint.

This Counter Pressure Bottle Filler is made entirely of stainless steel, and has a unique one-way valve and adjustable pressure relief. With this filler you flush and fill from the bottom of the bottle. Breweries use counter pressure systems for bottling their beer to preserve the foam in the beer and eliminate messes. Because the counter pressure filler pressurizes the inside of the bottle, there is minimal loss of the CO2 in solution, thereby preserving the foam. Our counter pressure filler mimics a single filling head on a professional bottling line, a concept that we all know works very, very well.

Beer barb is 3/16". Gas barb is 5/16".

Product Specifications

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