BrewBuilt™ 3" Dial Thermometer - 2.5" Probe


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Maintain the overall precision of your brew system with premium BrewBuilt Bi-Metal Thermometers. These incredibly accurate and well constructed instruments are custom produced in the USA by Tel-Tru manufacturing according to strict standards--comparable to ISO9000 quality--and backed by an incredible 8 year manufacturer's warranty.  

Most bi-metal thermometers exhibit "hang ups" where they don't respond immediately to temperature changes, and you have to tap the thermometer face to get an accurate reading. The cause of the problem is that the bimetallic coil in the stem of inferior thermometers is tack welded to the stem itself. BrewBuilt's line of thermometers feature a super sensitive coil suspended from a copper coated bushing fixed in the stem. This superior design provides a faster response to temperature changes and assures more accurate readings. What does this mean? You don't have to tap the gauge with your finger as much.

Brew Built thermometers are the tool you want when a difference of a couple degrees results in a completely different malt profile on your beer.  While they might be a bit more expensive, you'll be glad knowing you're not to mess up a batch because of incorrect temperature readings.  The 2.5" Stem is the perfect balance of extending far enough into the kettle to get an accurate temps, while not protruding so far that it gets hit by a wandering spoon or interferes with an immersion chiller.


  • Large, 3" anti-parallax dial face for easy readings
  • 2.5" Stem perfect for Boil Kettles and Hot Liquor Tanks
  • High Grade Stainless Steel Construction and hermetically sealed casing
  • Can be calibrated with 1/16" Allen Wrench (should never be needed)
  • Dual Scale Range: 0-220° F, -10 to 100° C
  • Accurate to within 1% of total measuring range
  • Back Connection is 1/2" MPT, stem is 1/4" SS
  • 8 year Manufacturer Warranty

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