Bottle Capper - Emily - Red Plastic


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This bottle capper is effective, durable, and easy to use for a great price!

The Emily Bottle Capper with Magnet is an easy to use, smooth operating hand capper made by Ferrari of Italy. The gear driven head provides the leverage you need to apply bottle caps with ease.

Some of the unique loved by homebrewers are:
It is lightweight when compared to other metal cappers.

  • The wider handles make it comfortable to grip and easier to operate.
  • A built in spring allows the capping mechanism to automatically retract when capping is completed.
  • The built in magnet ensures that the cap is lined up in the capping head and then applied to the bottle rather applying the cap on top of the bottle first.
  • Overall less force is required.
  • It is made from self-lubricating Nylon.

  • Set up to cap Standard Beer Bottles (26 mm), it can also cap wider Champagne or Belgian Bottles (29 mm) by reversing the metal jaws.

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