BlowTie 2 Diaphragm Spunding Valve with Gauge


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If you want to control the amount of pressure retained in a pressure vessel then the BlowTie Diaphragm Spunding Valve is the right tool for the job. This spunding valve can be used to release excess pressure on a pressurized fermenter or from a receiving keg while doing pressure transfers. The large surface area of the diaphragm makes this style of spunding valve much more accurate than the poppet style. The BlowTie has 8 mm Duotight fittings at both inlet and outlet, which makes it perfect for use with EVABarrier 8 mm OD tubing (46762 or 46767). You'll also need the flare Duotight fitting (46748) in order to attach it to a ball lock or pin lock.

The BlowTie 2 features an integrated pressure gauge so you can quickly and easily dial in your pressure setting. The analog gauge is removable and can be swapped out with a gauge of a different pressure range or it can be swapped out for the Digital Mini Pressure Gauge.

To set it using a keg, simply pressurize the empty keg to your desired psi using your CO2 regulator. Before attaching the BlowTie to the gas post, be sure to turn the dial clockwise all the way until it is fully closed. Once attached, slowly turn the dial counterclockwise until the BlowTie begins to release gas, then slightly turn the dial back to stop the gas flow. The BlowTie is now set to your desired pressure

  • Made from food grade acetal
  • Stainless screws
  • Easily disassembles for cleaning
  • 8mm (5/16") Duotight fittings at both ends
  • Interchangeable pressure gauge
  • Gauge reads from 0-15 psi

WARNING: Do not exceed gauge pressure. Exceeding the pressure range will damage the gauge.

Kegland Part number: KL15042


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