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Wyeast Belgian/Saison is the yeast of choice for classic farmhouse-style ales. This traditional yeast is spicy with a mild fruitiness. Ales made with this yeast finish with a dry, crisp, mildly-acidic, tart character that will benefit from elevated fermentation temperatures. This yeast has complex aromatics, including bubble gum.

This strain is notorious for a rapid and vigorous start to fermentation, only to stick around 1.035 S.G. This is where patience comes in. Given warmth and time, this yeast will reach its final gravity. Warm fermentation temperatures at least 90F (32C) or the use of a secondary strain can accelerate attenuation.


Flocculation: Low
Attenuation: 76-80%
Temperature Range: 70-95F, 21-35C
Alcohol Tolerance: 12% ABV

For best results we always recommend ordering an ice pack with your liquid yeast.

Please Note: When choosing an ice pack option beware that the liquid yeast will not arrive cold even when shipped together. Ice packs and insulated mailing options are designed to keep the yeast colder for longer during shipment, but they will not ensure that your yeast arrives cold. We will not replace liquid yeast that arrives warm. During warmer months we strongly recommend you choose dry yeast.

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